Flyme changelog
Meizu MX5

Flyme changelog

  • System
    Added reset button color temperature adjustment, and optimize color temperature adjustment function
    Optimization of the number of scans fingerprint entry
    Under the percentage of power restoration a few cases show not the right questions
    Fix some scenarios may cause the system to reboot problems
    Repair some cases the system may not Sleep problems
    In some cases repair system stuck questions
    Fix the problem after the restart gravity sensor chaos in some cases
    Fix the problem may not be properly charged under certain circumstances
    Repair few power transition issues
    Andrews Stagefright repair security vulnerabilities
  • WiFi
    Interval can not access the WiFi connection problems after repair some cases
  • Phone
    Added default setting dial card features
    Under repair lock screen calls, even now that the problem does not call interface
    Fix the problem in some cases phone stuck unresponsive
    Repair in the call log will flash before hanging up the interface problem when call back
    After the repair install UUCall network calls, Outside calls and answering back sound from the speaker out of the question
    After the repair turn driving mode, calls can not be broadcast, hang up the phone began to broadcast issues
    After the repair over the network using the telephone, headset mode volume to mute media issues
  • The internet
    Fix to open the problem of mobile data switches, data roaming switch is not in effect
    Repair use Sogou input method, you can not send a voice message network problems
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth connectivity optimizes stability and transmission
    Open WiFi fix interference environment, even now can not search nearby Bluetooth device problem
    Repair Bluetooth settings interface flash back problems
  • Desktop
    Repair lock screen sound-related issues
    After the repair switch themes status bar icon unusual problems
  • Compatibility
    Repair Titanium Backup compatibility problems
    Google album repair video playback progress bar shows the problem of dislocation
    Jota + application error repair problems
    Repair Youdao dictionary flash back problems
    Flash back problems to fix some third-party applications appear
    Fix some third-party applications can not be installed
  • Security center
    Under certain scenarios application error repair problems
  • Gallery
    Even now unable to fix the problem of the thumbnail Show gallery
    Full Screen Mode dropdown repair status bar, status bar problem will not go away
  • Video
    When fixes playback of some video, the screen will flash red and green line from time to time problems
  • Browser
    Repair within Sohu video fullscreen button invalid clicks issues
    Repair browser input box Paste button misalignment problem
  • Read
    Under certain scenarios application error repair problems
  • Recorder
    Under certain scenarios application error repair problems
    Repair message recording and call recording in the recorder’s phone list in question does not play
    Repair earpiece play the recording file silent problem
    Fixes for problem can not rename the file in a timely manner after the entry into force and can not be deleted file in the recording list
  • Sketchpad
    Fixes memory leak problem
  • Calculator
    While repairing the first time into conversion mode, the default values ​​are -0 issues
    Under certain circumstances the calculator window repair problems disappear
  • Game Center
    Show “Loading” problem repair after entering the application details Returns
  • the weather
    Repair QQ pop the lock screen interface above the weather, the weather can not lock screen interface, turn off the alarm problem
    Repair can not automatically locate the problem
    Fixes memory leak problem
  • System Upgrade
    Repair due to network problems or other issues led to a failed firmware upgrade
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