Landscape status bar buttons

I don’t know if someone knows this already but I just recently discovered this little feature and I want to share it with everyone
In landscape mode in the status bar there are two separations like slashes: one near the clock and the other near the battery icon like in the picture bellow
If you touch the clock it triggers a home button press and if you touch the battery icon it triggers a menu button press, this can come handy since Meizu devices don’t have a menu button. I don’t if this came with flyme 4.5 or before.
I have 4.5.5A btw.


Yeah, Meizu and especially Flyme is (was) known (at least for me) for it’s sneaky genius shortcuts and tweaks. This is one of them - has been out for long already though (I think before 4.5).

However, I am still missing many of the tweaks which made even the first versions of Flyme stand out from others but aren’t featured in nowadays’ versions of Flyme (for no reason :neutral_face: ). Back in the day there must’ve been a UI genius working at Meizu because even though this one is a nice tweak as well, the old ones weren’t only this useful but also visionary on the next level.

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