Flyme A language problem

Hey guys i just upgrade from A to x.x.x.7 A and i lost my language.(cestina). Actually, more languages are gone. This is how look the language menu now. Any solution? Upgrade had only 96Mb via ota. Should i download it from other source? Thanks

@vasil1234 test versions usually doesnt support all languages

So this is test version? I had no idea. Thanks!

It’s just a regular version, don’t worry. But it may be that this update contains less languages, this has been expected for a long time (see the several discussions on this forum).

96 mB ? . I did download a file of 866, 2mb.S50829-142930.jpg

@vasil1234 I think this version is stable, Although yet to try it.:smiley: :smiley:

why i been prompted the firmware corrupted? just like the international version rom

can someone post changes in new update?

@fatalynx if you update the System From Ota. Friend

@iskomx5 200MB again. If Completed I will inform you the differenceS50829-162234.jpg

I downloaded the full 866mb. It still has just a few languages left indeed. I used locale more app to manually set Dutch (so user apps are in my own language), and system is in English (as it has always been for me).

can any1 share the full file to me for download…tq

@vasil1234 tHE Picture in your Phone same With Me, S50829-180417.jpg
there are only a few languages

and this Screen Shoot For Detail Version
S50829-180340.jpg S50829-180327.jpg

So, if I don’t want to lose Slovak language, I shouldn’t do an upgrade? Any ideas why Meizu did this and if they will add these languages back?

@Sterver yes Stay in 1.

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