Can't send SMS

hey when I woke up today I tried sending an sms to a relative and it failed.
i’ve installed several sms apps,rebooted a bunch of times,turned the phone off,changed sim place etc.
it’s still not working,any idea what’s wrong with it?
when i use the system sms app it says network failure but when i try to call it works fine

Meizu MX5

I have no idea if you have the same problem as I did, will explain it anyway. Tried everything same as you did, but anything didn´t work. Also re-installed firmware.

After hours of googleing, found how to get to setting menu with ##4636## code and there I noticed that SMS center wasn´t set for some reason. Manually installed SMS center and after that my SMS´s have been working (both sending and receiving didn´t work before).

So you can try ##4636##, Phone information, SMSC and see if anything is set and set manually.

What should I put in SMSC? It’s empty and pressing update or refresh doesn’t do anything.

Meizu MX5

You need to call your operator or use google to find out SMS centers number. If that is the problem, write that number to field and press update.

Not a professional here, this is just something that worked for me.

yep yep worked. you’re a life saver <3

Meizu MX5

Good to hear :) Used several hours of trying to figure that out, reallly annoiyng problem.

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