Most efficient update?

Hello, currently i have the ROM and i want to change to the rom. (i have changed that again before.

But i want to do the most clearest update. So i thought about this.

  1. i connected my phone via usb to my computer and i copied everything to my computer, so that i have a back up. (this is considered as backup to everything right? )

  2. After that i will do a factory reset to my phone through the settings. Both the clear data and the SD disk.

  3. then i’ll download the of the international rom and i’ll do the installation.

So is this the most accurate clear format for my phone? So that after that being as brand new?

And also, i think that the I rom is the most stable. Do you agree?

Thanks in advance!

Ok. However. I guess it’s not worse either. What about the format procedure?


It is quite legit.
I personally format the phone over my PC though, however, it shouldn’t make such a big difference.

Alright! Thanks!

May i ask you how exactly is getting done via pc or if you have a link to redirect me there?

My only concern also about the back up is the whatsapp messages restore.

If I’ll do a full format, and then only adding into the phone directory the whatsapp backup folder, will i have the messages once I’ll install it again?

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