Battery problem
Meizu MX4

Hello guys, I open this thread because of a battery problem I’m facing the last 5 days. Well, all of a sudden while I was using my MX3 the phone switched off. I tried to turn it on again but with no luck till I plugged in the charger. I noticed that the phone has still juice (about 20%) and the phone started charging from this battery percentage. The problem is going on till today and the phone switches off at 20-30% of battery life. What am I supposed to do? Thank you!

first, you should try some app to calibrate you battery, just pust Battery calibrate in google play, if this doesn’t help you might be forced reflash your rom, it your probem ramains you should contact your reseller.

Meizu MX4

Thanks for your reply, I’ve just calibrated my battery with battery calibration appp from Google Play but the “batterystats.bin” file was not deleted. So, I manually deleted it in order to recalibrate the battery from the beggining. I’ll wait and see today how things will turn out and post the result. I hope that problem will be terminated, if not I think I’ll buy another battery and replace the old one.

I guess that calibration will not help. Just buy a new battery and it will be fine. A new battery comes without nfc sticker, but you can simply peel it off your old one

Meizu MX4

Thank you all for your help. I think that my problem is solved :) After calibration my battery doesn’t drain so fast as before and also the phone doesn’t turn off at 20% of battery. It was an annoying “bug” all this time but luckily it’s now solved.

glad you figured it out :)

Good to hear :)

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