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Hello all,

I got a frustrating problem here, because i have tried almost anything i suppose to get rid of the “Insufficient space” problem. Deleted the “Google play services” + “Google play store” and downloaded the “Google play store” again but failed. So the next thing was format/deleted everything but still have the “Insufficient space” problem! So i downloaded the “Clean master” app and it tells me “100% Used System space shortage” in red colour, what does this means? If someone could help me with this situation i would be happy again.

Thanks for the support.

Can you post some screenshots from the messages you get, and storage available (settings > about phone > storage) ? You can take screenshots by using volume up and power button at the same time.

This is what i get :


Hmm strange: Which firmware are you running? Could you try to reflash or upgrade it?

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I have Flyme OS 3.5.1, reflash or upgrade dont work. I get several error popup like using facebook or another app. But what does that system do? 2GB is way too much. It’s messed up.

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I hope i can get help with this, because i cant upload anything or can “use” it normaly, just call is not a problem!


@BT66 said:

I hope i can get help with this, because i cant upload anything or can “use” it normaly, just call is not a problem!

You should really try to upgrade to 3.7.3 with clear data!

I always get on every firmware “Firmware not found” sign. So what should be the problem?


firmware must be located in root(main) folder of your device

Root folder is the DISK folder i suppose? Because i dont see another map.


root folder is a main folder (where all other folders are like Andorid… Videos Music etc) window that opens when you connect your device to your PC…

Yes, that’s what i meant. But no, not working.


and need to make sure its called

Offcourse, i tried like anything. Always getting that “Firmware not found” sign.

It’s working by the “recovery” with USB on mac/pc. Uploaded the firmware and voila. But my widgets arent working? They arent loading/updating, i did reboot, re-downloaded and still the same. Flyme is

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