4G transfer to sim2???

Hello there Im JR from Philippines and I am using m1 note. I like this phone a lot. and I enjoy using it. but then i’ve encounter and big problem on my m1 note. sim1 of my phone has been damage and cant read any sim. I really mean totally damage because it seems that the sim1 slit pins has been broken. I brought to any repair center but they cant find way to repair the sim1 card slot due to its pin was too tiny…
My Question is is there any possible way to transfer 4G service of this phone to sim 2? so that i can still surf the net or play my online games properly??? because i dont think that sim1 pins can repair unless there’s a repair center here in PH.
Hopefully You Can help me with this Problem. Thanks a lot in advance.

The first slot SIM2 only supports GSM network, the second slot SIM1 supports FDD-LTE/ WCDMA/ GSM networks. So you cant use 4G or 3G on your SIM1 slot.
You must buy sim card holder and find some1 to repair your phone.

Here is what you need : http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Original-New-1-Pcs-Dual-SIM-Card-Tray-Slot-Holder-For-Meizu-M1-note-M463M-M463U/122912_32319503830.html

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