Flyme OS 4.5.3 stable (m2 note)


This is an important system update which includes multiple optimizations and amendments in phone performance.


  • Added new languages include Vietnamese, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • The problem of when many apps are running backstage, app re-launching is getting slow or apps are auto-cleared.
  • The occasional sudden rebooting issue when the phone is idle.
  • The problem of third-party apps being unable to set alert ringtones.
  • The problem occurred in adding acounts and contacts syching.
  • The abnormal display of certain Hong Kong carriers.
  • The abnormal exit of certain third-party apps.


  • The problem of unable to call emergency numbers when the phone has no SIM card in certain regions.
  • The problem of auto download MMS when the SIM is roaming even the the option ‘Auto download MMS while roaming’ is disabled.


  • When under Manual mode and the shutter speed is adjusted, the photo taken in dark enviroment looks too dark.

Flyme 4.5.3A
Flyme 4.5.3I

Flyme 4.5.3A
Flyme 4.5.3I

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@AOKP can you please share the steps to applying this upgrade

Meizu m2 note

I recently bought M2 note in India and the current Flyme version is Flyme OS 4.5.1i. Can anyone let me know whether I can upgrade to 4.5.3. And my phone does not notify me about any OS updates, does anyone know the reason.

hi. if you buy already with I version, should be no problem update manually.
download newest version from

  • turn off your phone
  • start your phone by touching vol+ + power button (when meizu logo appears stop holding this buttons)
  • should start recovery meny
  • connect your phone with pc and copy to recovery folder this downloaded
  • press “start” > should start updating.

After boot system go to setting > storage > factory reset + sd card reset - BACKUP your data and apps - all will be deleted

OR: you maybe has A version but your seler manually loaded I version before selling. In this case manual upper will not work. If I’m correct, you have to use manual from last thread iin this page from 4.5.2 (stable).

@kapriiik i have upgraded meizu with this version…but now problem is tht I am unable to log on google play store…

@amgo15 in this case I will not help. I’m updating from 4.5.3A by ADB and everything works ok. But remember that 1st start of google play requires update of google service, after works fine.

@amgo15 said:

@kapriiik i have upgraded meizu with this version…but now problem is tht I am unable to log on google play store…

i had the same problem and i made a clean install, of the new version and everything is good now.

Remember to backup your data…

Hi. Few days back I updated to Flyme 4.5.3A and before I had complete czech language and now is no “čeština” to choose and somewhere is czech and somewhere englisch language. Is it right to make manually update to 4.5.3I? Thanks


If your device is not a international one you will not be able to do it, but yeah, it should be included in the I firmware again.

@tomaszezula hi Tomas … I guess that you have setting, scroll bar and some apps in English, rest it Czech … it’s caused because you didn’t do factory reset + sd card cleaning … so now you have 4.5.3A (not included Czech) - means if you do factory reset + sd card format, you will have 100% A version - everything will be in English ;-) if you want Czech language, you have to follow manual to update to I version

is it possible to flash I rom to A version? thanks!


@canhc500 said:

is it possible to flash I rom to A version? thanks!

No, if you have a chinese device only A, U or C firmwares work.

After update from 4.5.2 my phone likely overheating and the battery is not last longer… And I very time check cpu z … Why after in power saving mode and balance mod… The cpu is unstable…

I wish there’s more update in this phone…

i have a chinese device M2 NOTE 4.5.3U can update to 453I ? GREEK(ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ) menu at 4.5.3I?

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