Flyme OS stable (MX5)

How to instal international version on A version in easy way?

I downloaded and tried to install over After phone said "Checking Firmware, it reported “Firmware Corrupt”. I downloaded several times to be sure I got a good download, but same result. I tried the update both with “Clear Data” checked and unchecked. Is this possibly due to installing over version A?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

if you installation for internasional version,…
I have tried and succeeded.

Iam Can Notification About Update Via OTA Flyme OS This Is Stable Or Beta S50829-142930.jpg

Meizu MX5

I got i also, i’m sure it’s stable.

But i cannot find any changelog on english…

STABLE IF IT IS GOOD. bUT How many languages are there in Rom’s.

wow… out

Guys if i upgrade to i version, what about next update? It will be easier? Just from phone? Or same procedure? And it will be possible to downgrade back to A version. Sorry for dumb questions.

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