MX5 OR MX4 PRO ! please guys help !
Meizu m2 note

i need your help by choosing MX5 OR MX4 PRO ? because i decided to buy one of them , which one good to personal use ?


i ve got a mx4 pro, and it´s the best of phone…but i will test mx5 and say who is the best :)

Meizu m2 note

@ruizinho ok bro thats good , you have it already the MX5 ? what about the MX4 pro battery life ? how long its take to charge from 0 to 100% ?

If I should choose between Mx4 Pro and Mx5, I would definitely choose Mx5. Better design, full mettal body, you will have first new Flyme updates, also It got fast charging, the camera is as good as on Mx4 pro. Only the display resolution is smaller, and you will have Mediatek chipset not Exynos :)

@yousef said:

@ruizinho ok bro thats good , you have it already the MX5 ? what about the MX4 pro battery life ? how long its take to charge from 0 to 100% ?

baterry mx4 pro with original charge, 60 min to 100%. very fast xD i use lolipop 4.5.5I firmware

Meizu m2 note

@Bunto90 thanks bro ! but which one is better Mediatek or Exynos ? i have meizu m2 note and when i start play some game after few minutes starting be so hot i can’t believe that , from upper screen around the front camera, i think because of the chipset Mediatek ??!!

Meizu m2 note

@ruizinho 60 min from 0 to 100% ??!! really ? like MX5 quick charge

yes, but descarge very fast really lol but its the firmware beta test.

Meizu m2 note

I think it’s better to go to MX5.

Almost the same as MX4 pro but latest technology.

If i were you i would go for MX5 too! Helio x10 might not be fastest processor but it will get job done( its really more than good enough for today and future apps.)

Meizu m2 note

@Antonin-Srnsky thank u so much bro ! you think the Mediatek make the phone so much hot ? that’s what happens with my m2 note so what u think ?

Moved your topic to general chat. This topic is not related to a specific Phone, especially not a MX3 ;)

@yousef Exynos or qualcom are better than mediatek for sure for now, also mediatek is getting hot but about speed mediatek are very fast and good. Like others say go for mx5 it has some of the latest technology and mediatek helio is good and very fast. I dont know does he get so hot like my M1 Note with Mediatek but i dont mind that :)


lol at some posts here… MX4Pro will be better i guess only if you need awesome sound and resolution…
and yes my MP4 Pro charges from 0-100% for about 1h or so.
over night (10h) phone eats 3 %
every phone will get hot. stop dreaming about warm phones while playing for more than 20 mins.
about firmwares = total nonsense. MX4 Pro gets firmware updates at same speed as MX5
about deign = MX5 got metal unibody… that always will be bad…

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