MX5 sometimes fails to charge
Meizu MX5

Hi folks. This has happened to me 5-10 times now. I plug my phone into charge every night but for some reason, the odd time it won’t charge. When I plug the charger in the battery charging symbol appears, which would lead me to believe that it is charging however, when I unplug the phone in the morning to take the work the phone hasn’t charged AT ALL. I’ve had to reboot the phone in order to get it to start charging again. Has anyone else experienced this? I doubt it’s a hardware problem because it charges OK after a reboot. Seems like it’s yet another very annoying Flyme bug. With every day that passes I’m starting to hate Flyme more and more. It is so terribly buggy. If the bootloader can be unlocked and custom ROMs installed this would be amazing. Flyme is rubbish!

Meizu MX5

how about you try another charging cable? if the problem persist change the charger as well. it recently happened to me on galaxy s2. the charging sign was shown but no charging . upon investigation the charger was giving only 72 mA current while the phone needed 650mA.

p.s.: MX5 has 12V 2A charger.

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Meizu MX5

Thanks. I use the exact same charger every night. Odd that it works most of the time but then suddenly stops and a reboot resolves it. I’m nearly sure this happened to me when I was charging it in work. I will try another charger anyway just to rule that possibility out entirely. Cheers.

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