How to unroot M2 Note?

Rooting M2 Note can be done using the same procedure here:
Does anybody here knows how to unroot M2 Note?


You just have to re-flash the Flyme version that you already have without erase data, so you’ll keep all your data but your device will be unrooted :)

how to reflash without erasing the data?


You do not need to erease data, just hit start and do not tick the clear data option.

Thanks, may I have a full description of how to re-flash

@uh615 Download the file from the forum, then open it from the document manager and just hit start without selecting clear data. Have a nice day.

Hello, i have my m2 note rooted, so when i want to unroot i have to download flyme os from official site, put it into phone memory and just open it in file manager?


@Exwined read the F.A.Q., topic closed
Don’t bump super old topics, to ask random questions.

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