touch screen suddenly misbehaves/touch issues

my phones is only 3 months old and suddenly the touch screen messed up out of nowhere. My os version at that time is still kitkat but i updated it recently to 4…5.4a to see if it will fix it but it’s still broken. sometimes it goes really out of control and i can’t do any thing and the only way to fix it is by pressing the power button and opening the device again (not turning it off).

PLS HELP or my parents will kill me!!
pls watch if you want to see my screen misbehave.

ty,first post

Haha, you make me laugh. Why would your parents kill you? As said in other discussions: If you need your phone to work 24/7 without problems, never install a test firmware!
Since you installed a test firmware, all kinds of bugs could arise. Therefore move back to the latest stable firmware version for the m1 note version

HAHAHAHA pls help you dont know my parents…LOL but no i had the issue when i was at stock version but i guess i can try to go downgrade any ways thanks.


Yeah, yeah. CSGO. :D
Anyway as previously said, go back to the stable firmware, but wipe data.
For that just download the and open the Document app. Now click on it and a popup will appear.

Select to clear data and start the upgrade.

Thats it.

rip in peace…i think it’s the hardware now, i haven’t even drop my phone yet the issues still persist after i downgraded it. i guess i have to tell my parents and use the warranty :(. thanks for helping me guys :+1: .

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