Unable to apply theme

I am facing an issue with themes. I bought the phone 3 days ago. Multiple app descriptions are showing chinese. The main issue is with themes. Whenever i try to apply a theme, it is showing the error:
“unable to authenticate, please redownload the theme”. ::: S50819-233225.jpg :::

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Deleted one picture from your post, since it was double. Since themes are only for people in China, this may cause the problems. Since you are not in China, you might be blocked.

I had the same problem, after updating to 4.5.2A the problem with applying themes is gone. Now it works fine.

Meizu m2 note

What firmware are you using and are you logged in to your flyme account ?

It happens to me the evening, but not the morning (and I don’t know why, it may be server side)… Just try at differents moments ;)

@furious.builder You are right, it is not the firmware. It works in the morning, evening no chance

Have someone the apk for themes? I have lost it in my phone . thank you

Change time zone to HongKong or Beijing, China and it will always work.


thanks for the reply. It’s a known problem and the time zone change fixes it to 100%.

Will close the topic.

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