Help my device stuck on meizu logo

image.jpg image.jpg hey friends my device stuck on meizu logo and not booting to recovery mod πŸ˜” help me thanks

i tried to install International firmware on china’s firmware 😁 i fixed it bro , thanks for your reply

Friend tries to hard reset and re-install the 4.5.4A version because it is the most up to date or else the is more stable.

do the hard reset is turn on the phone by pressing the power and volume more with the usb connected to the computer , it will open a recovery apsta and copies it to the firmware and then doing the clean instal and firmware upgrade mobile phone and it takes the time required and ta done. if you have a bug , back to do clean install k solves everything .

@ruizinho thanks bro!

it work? if you intall google play, open app center and install google installer and instal google play and work :)

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