[Solved] Locked screen

My MX4 locked its screen and is asking for password for my flyme account for which i have forgotten the password. I wonder How can I unlock it? Failing that how can I ask support to help in this?

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Thank you for your help AOKP. Support helped in restoring Flyme account and i managed to unlock the screen :))

Hi Yasir ,
What did they told you to do ?
I’ve got the same problem.


I also have the sam problem.
Is there some other way to fix it?


@ivank If you have the same problem, then just do what is written here.

Just read.

I did, and now I wait for response. But Im not very optimistic with all that.

wel they just told me after of 15 wrong written password I’ii go into a flyme lock mode, and there I’m supose to write my flyme account password .
But the flyme lock mod didnt show up.
@Yasir_Ballal How did they fix your problem with locked screen?


@ivank He wrote an Email and included his invoice.

It’s written down.

I did it too, but they didnt help me. They just sad that after 15 wrong written passwords I’ll go in to flyme lock mode but this didnt happened.


@ivank They are right. If you are logged in with your phone that happens.

Else contact the support again. There is nothing else to do.

You can try to clear data from Recovery. Maybe this works.

Ok, then is nothing to do than wait and hope for the best.
But thanks anyway!


@ivank Yes it’s pretty locked down. Depending upon what firmware you are on, you could try to flash an older Stock Recovery. But read up on that one! There are some topics handling this on meizufans.

You could hope for Meizu to fix it, or try to read up on it here.

Im on latest flyme version.
I was thinking to try typing all possible combinations of password (but only if there are only number in the combination :D)

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