Flyme OS stable (m2)


  • Optimizing battery performance.
  • Even now the power hopping problem solving low battery.
  • Application for authority to repair bad frame size pop the question.


  • From no signal area to repair network coverage even now can not enable data traffic problems.
  • Repair 3G network, the “Enable 4G” menu is grayed out, the menu switch refresh not timely.
  • Repair sporadic card 2 to send text messages to fail.


  • Optimize camera effect.
  • Pink color camera repair problems.

Voice assistant

  • Optimization recognition rate.


  • Repair sporadic crash.


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Firmware corrupt
i am cannot update …

me too. FW is corrupt.

@leoso said:

me too. FW is corrupt.

hey guys can u review meizu M2 please?

@onlysolihin said:

Firmware corrupt
i am cannot update …

this rom have greek language ?

no theres not greek language, I just uploaded from this links:
(No Career)Meizu m2 Flyme OS (Android 5.1.0)


it’s it for m2 note??

when it will be avialable International firmware for M2?

how I can see through the menu if there ota update ?

Meizu m2 note

There is an app on the desktop called “Upgrade” that will check for updates.

Ok thanks.
I upgraded to, how to go to build? Downloading the file end then?


@paiktaras said:

Ok thanks.
I upgraded to, how to go to build? Downloading the file end then?

Uhm, the A has a completely different meaning…

There are 4 types of firmwares:
A = Generic
U = China Unicom
C = China Mobile
I = International

As long as you can not install the I firmware you should always go the the A one.
Check under Settings>About this phone the System version.

I’ve just downloaded this version and the phone is stuck in the Flyme Screen. I cannot even switch it off. What can I do?

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