XPosed on Flyme (rooted)

Sorry for my poor English, I am French.
I try to install Xposed last few days and I can not!
I still have this inscription in red “There seems to have a known issue (“Aliyun OS”) with your Rom […]”.
I have read various forums but I can not find a solution for MX4 and firmware 4.2.x only one is for Flyme OS 4.5.x.
I used (tryed) with FlyMe Superuser 4.4 Dual Mode or KingRoot or SuperSU, Xposed.installer_v33_36570 (2.7 experimental1).
Could someone explain to me step by step how to do it ?

Red inscription is just a warning, you can install Xposed using the app (version 2.7, not 3.0 which is designed for lollipop). Ignore the warning, it’ll work

Thanks a lot ! I’ve read I should used Flyme Superuser Dual Mode instead SuperSU or KingRoot… Is it right ? Which one do you use ?

In 4.2.X I used Flyme Superuser Dual Mode for flyme 4, but now on 4.5.4 I use SuperSU from Chainfire :)

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