Meizu MX5

Will MX5 receive android 6.0 Marshmallow update?

Yes but it can be long like for Lollipop. Even if the last developer preview of Marshmallow has been released, I don’t think that Flyme 5 will be based on it. We certainly need to wait flyme 5.5 or Flyme 6

and what? Does meizu has chance to get marshmallow? I have International version and I dont even have 5.1…

Meizu MX5

we`re 3-4 months behind the Chinese versions :( unfortunately … Especially the TCCM owners , we’re stuck at :(can’t even try the beta releases

@phluid01 Does beta test - 5.5… etc working on marshmallow?


@Henio1195 Nobody knows. The very few Android Developers at Meizu are busy with Flyme 5 and getting everything running on 64Bits. That should keep them busy for a while.
So Android M before the mid of 2016, is very unlikely to happen. Yet, nobody knows, what the future will bring. ;)

Kak da napravim android 6.0,za meizu mx 5

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