Has anyone tried if gravitybox is working?


Unfortunately, some functions of Gravity box are not working because M2 Note (and all other Meizu’s Phones) are not running a Stock Android except MX4 Pro which have a custom rom. Instead of Gravitybox, you can use Flyme Tools (available on the App Center) which has been designed to work on Flyme :)

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Unfortunately I can’t find it… All in Chinese…
Does it need root? I must install xposed framework? Can someone confirm that is working on m2 note?

Yes you need Root and Xposed, like for Gravitybox, don’t worry, the app is in english and is here :

It’s working perfectly on my MX4 and (normally) for M2 Note too :)

Thank you… It needs xposed framework to work, I don’t know if it safe to install it on my phone

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