Notifications icons
Meizu MX5

Any chance to get the real icon in the status bar, instead of the generic and not-useful balloon? :D
Maybe with a third-part app, I don’t know.


I found this:
So the problem is that Flyme OS doesn’t have all the icons inside, hopefully this mod can be ported to MX5.

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It works on M1 Note, Thanks
Well except for one icon… Spotify is listed as compatible but it didn’t work, anyway not a big deal…

what version are u using my friend?

Meizu MX5

@Antonin-Srnsky said:

what version are u using my friend?

I’m using

This does not work on the 4.5.5A stable on Meizu M1 Note, the phone reboots the moment i hit enter in the terminal

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