MX4 - Camera lens replacement
Meizu MX4


id like to ask if its hard to change rear camera lens… mine has few skratches, so id like to change it.

Meizu MX4

Mine too, it is a shame it is so easy scratchable… what I heard there is replacement only without AntiGlare coating or something like that…


Shouldn’t be so hard as HondaRacer told me once.
However, his camera was broken so I do not know how to remove the glass itself though.

It is not that hard, it is build the same way as the MX3. The rear camera lens is integrated in the middle frame in the MX3. If you can get a replacement for this middle frame, or your lens, you are done. For buying, try aliexpress.

Here a link with a teardown guide

@Tommy_CZ do you managed to buy a glass with anti glare?

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