[UnOfficial] Flyme OS 4.5.7A-D leaked beta firmware (m1 note)
m1 note

I have no patch notes or any special just the link.

A-D: http://firmware.meizu.com/Flyme/preview/M71/4.5.7A-D/20151019022220/d8h3f8/update.zip

A-C: http://firmware.meizu.com/Flyme/preview/M71/4.5.7A-C/20151013041130/d3r4u7/update.zip

Older releases (4.5.6A before stable):

Actual release (A-D):




0915 ·魅蓝note 」4.5.6A0915更新公告1,不支持魅蓝note · Charm blue note "4.5.6A0915 Update Bulletin 1, does not support the telecommunications version charm blue note. 2. This is the beta version, do not leak. ================ Change History ===================== ======== Online Optimization enter the music list covers the slow loading; Repair automatic light perception in the same environment , high brightness problems brighter than before; After the repair is unclear data upgrade firmware, to enable the camera viewfinder screen no problem; Changing the card to send the check to repair the phone number lookup, turn off Airplane mode or switching data network, the will automatically send problem text messages; WLAN repair the problem can not be opened; Upgrading from Flyme4.2.0.5 unclear repair data to Flyme 4.5.6 once MEIZU restart problem; Repair all binding Taobao cloud disc have no access issues; Repair call record is empty, double-click to connect a Bluetooth headset back, Bluetooth restart problem; Repair complete a key detection interface, killing the virus status and points are not the right questions; Repair connection charm move the speakers, Bluetooth speakers near the restart problem; Repair mail forwarding, reply, reply to all, there is no corresponding icon problems; Repair sliding standby power management interface, will change the switch to change the state issue; Find phone repair even now get numbers unsuccessful problem; Under the lock screen gestures wake repair delays; Repair Flyme Communication recognizes Unicom cards and mobile cards are unknown problems; Repair Desktop folder to open any application, twice in quick succession to return to the desktop, folder hide animation obvious Caton problem; Repair Safety - Traffic Management continuously receive traffic information on the issue after three restart the phone; Slide the backup records list flash back problem while repairing a desktop cloud backup being backed up; Repair of non-WLAN network clicks backup record is not "only in the WLAN environment before they can use the desktop cloud backup "question; Repair-click the desktop cloud backup entry into application the central issue; Repair Desktop Cloud Backup Application Center Set items are under automatic backup WLAN switch problem; Repair Documentation - cloud disk rename a file or folder cloud disk, suggesting renaming failures; Repair Expand / Collapse folder, animation Caton problem; PC repair and third-party applications directory can see locking issues; Repair Documentation - cloud disk new folder sorted incorrectly question time;

Mod Edit:
All your actions with the phone is at your own risk. The authors are not liable. This is just your choice. PLEASE read full instructions before you start. And ask questions. RECOMMENDED ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED USERS.

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Adjusted you title a bit with corrections. I cannot check it, so as always, be careful with beta versions.

There is another section for Firmwares.
Why you are still posting in the wrong section?

m1 note

Because that one is an autocreated for official releases what available for all in public.

@The-Cowboy Any bugs and problems faced? And should I clear data too coming from 4.5.4A? Thanks in advance 😊

Could you tell us if you noticed any improvements or drawbacks?thanks

I tried but I don’t see any changes. Still don’t have all language pack.


No, you don’t.

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Except that the installation of 4.5.5 A left more space, I didn’t notice any other changes.

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So, the fixed bug with charging … but i can’t see screenshot folder in whatsapp

I have a big problem: SMS app doesn’t work

m1 note

@boconngusi I have no issues with it

I can’t run OneNote, after splashscreen it’s returning to homescreen

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