Remove back button and facebook messenger blank bar below the screen

set its permissions to rw- r-- r-- and replace it with framework-res.apk file in system/framework folder.

^Working on Flyme 4.5.4A

the one below works with 4.5.5A

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m1 note

perfect, thanks

Updated post with Flyme OS 4.5.5A

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Thank you. Really appreciated.

hey man,

can you mod for rom thanks so much

I need framework-res.apk for that rom. if you send or find one, yes i can.


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This is from I
I’m waiting for the modified file please. Thanks

Could this work with MX3?

send me your mx3 framework-res.apk you want it to be modded.

Be careful guys. Yesterday, I wanted to do this but I didn’t do it right and I had to flash a new firmware and I lost everything.
So what happened is that instead of replacing the framework-res.apk, I removed the old one in order to copy the new one later. But as soon as you remove that file, nothing works on the phone and you cant even copy the new one. Then after rebooting, I got bootloop.
The only solution was flashing a new firmware and yes I did lose everything.
Anyways, just be careful, dont delete then copy, REPLACE !

Besides I didn’t even do it for facebook messenger but for Snapchat.


After flashing a new firmware and reinstalling everything, I tried ot again and didn’t work, even after rebooting. The black bar at the bottom is still there in Snapchat.

Is there any way I can get rid of it guys ?

@othmaneboutaleb yea it would be great if someone fix that one Snapchat thing:)

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