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Hi everyone! I’m new here, registered to ask one thing. English is not my native language, sorry for errors.
Just received mx5 china version, currently running firmware, had mx4 pro and m1 note before, still have mx4. I’m trying to use sandisk ultra dual usb drive 3.0 via otg and have some strange bug: phone detects flash drive, i can copy files from it or play a video, but after ~30 sec flash drive disconnects. I tried 3 different flash drives, ntfs and fat32 formats, different firmwares (A, C, old/new) result is same: “Removing external storage, please wait…” in notification bar after 30 seconds. Mx4 works fine with same drives. Some one faced with similar? Please let me know what kind of model you are using if your mx5 otg works fine.

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@Cheshire I also experienced the same error,

Meizu MX5

I have the same USB stick, but i don’t own MX5 yet, next week. Then i can test.
Until that, did you try to install Sandisk Memory Zone app?

Same issue here. SanDisk ultra dual usb3 64gb disconnect after ±30seconds. Usb stick is working fine in a Samsung tab so problem is Meizu Mx5. Hope it get fixed in next update…

Ok, here is what i’ve found… Phone somehow has a low voltage at the usb, when it is charged to 100% everything works fine. Simple usb 2.0 flash drive connected via otg cable came off at 84-85% of charge, sandisk usb 3.0 dual drive connected straight to the phone made it to 77-78%… Had an option to send it back with partial shipping cost refund or keep it and receive the compensation from the seller, i chosen second, hope it helps. Cheers!

Meizu MX5

I wrote your experience on, maybe someone from flyme team fix that.

Meizu MX5

There is some response on flyme forum, please check. Can you check that USB flash drive with OTG cable?

thanks for posting it to .cn forum. Do you want me to check sandisc dual drive connected via otg cable, right?

Ok, i have checked sandisk dual drive 3.0 connected via usb cable, it worked even less - only until 88%.
Do you think this can be repaired via software in new updates?

Meizu MX5

Yes, someone said “the flyme team knows for OTG bug…” and he think it will be fixed in next update.

today sandisc dual drive didn’t work at 95% of charge =(

Hi guys

I am experiencing the same problem. My OTG flask disk is recognised and connects to the MX5, however after about 30 secondsI recieve the message"external storage disconnecting"

Can anybody suggest how to fix this?
Thank you


i am also facing the same OTG problem but in my case it works for 30 min sometimes after restart

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