No cellular network on A Firmware

My Meizu M1 Note was shipped with the U firmware, so I wanted to change it to the A firmware because of flyme 4.5 and the keyboard bug, then I noticed that my cellular network doesn’t work. After testing many firmware I found that the cellular network only works with the U firmare. Does anyone have a solution ?

Hello, I had the same problem. My M1 came with U firmwere. When I installed A firmwere, I had to manually enter my career settings, I think only the APN has to be modified. Only in U versions the settings were automaticaly detected corectly, so try to manualy enter your career settings. Hope that helps.

Thanks I’ll try it, I guess it might work…
I need to find the correct APN setting for my carrier…

Well, i tried: I copied APN configuration from the U version when i had it installed then i switched to the A version, configured the APN, even rebooted and it doesn’t work…

Meizu Pro 6

You need to check what are the correct APN settings for your operator.

I have used two different operators with my MX4 and in both cases Meizu had used the wrong settings.

It finally worked, the APN were correct, I played with all settings and rebooted many times doing some root-related stuff, I don’t know how but it works!

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