System kill APP 4 SEC. after turn off screen

Hello. Sorry for my eng. Have problem as the topic. When i want listen music from google music or run with endomondo and press button to turn off the screen system kill my apps after 4min. Establishment of a lock on the APP will not work. Any solutions?

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and more specifically?. I tried option Lock Apps. Not working.

I’m not a user of a Meizu Phone, but i think that the app Security Center is the responsible of Killing others apps just do a search on it

Security Center suxxx big time…

Install 4.5.1. clear recovery install and this same bug. Anyone test music google on screen off? Working? 4 minutes ,not SEC. My fault

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I have been battling with this too and updated to the latest version but still battling with my apps being killed after 3min of screen off so I won’t get message from BBM and my weather widget would stop working.

Here is the solution:

*Open Your Security App
*Click on Power Status
*Click on the 4 blocks on the bottom
*Tap the apps you want to exclude from killing on screenoff/idle time


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