How to turn on Led notification

Hi everyone, I just got MX5 today, as far as I know MX5 has Led notification. But when I’m charging the phone, it show nothing. Even some Apps have new notification such as Gmail, it still not show the Led. I also used Light Flow app to test the Led but no any color succeed.
Anyone know this problem?

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Meizu MX5

@seiryu It is white only.
I did not change any setting and it works with whatsapp and facebook messages.
I will try with Light Flow and let you know.

I’m in China so I have no chance to test Facebook notification. But did your phone show White led when charging or having new message, missed call?

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Meizu MX5

While in charging no led, for missed calls and new messages yes

I didn’t get Light Flow working, maybe root is required :/

Skype and Gmail have notification led?

any idea how to turn the notification led off? i’m having an opposite issue XD

Meizu Pro 5

How do I turn on\off the notifications led?

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