Flyme OS stable (MX5)


  • Standby power consumption optimization.
  • Optimal adjustment of incoming calls and notifications shake priority, which avoids calls vibration is notified interrupted.
  • Optimize the efficiency of dynamic blur.
  • Optimization of fluency part of the transition animation.
  • Repair WLAN probabilistic crash restart caused problems, enhance stability.
  • Repair settings interface sporadic failure problem fingerprint recognition.
  • Google fixes the game can not be used.
  • Google Calendar Sync does not fix the problem items.
  • Repair Charging issues.
  • Repair off the alarm problems Invalid.


  • Answering interface launch speed optimization calls.


  • Even now the issue of resuming the repair Bluetooth search for Bluetooth devices.
  • Bluetooth hang up the phone after repair, even now play the songs did not continue playback problems.


  • GPS fix even now can not locate the problem.
  • Repair Card 1 positioning 2 faster than the card issue.


  • Optimizing the WiFi.
  • Repair the open WLAN sporadic problem of slow scan results returned.
  • Fixes network after being disabled does not automatically connect occasionally.
  • Repair WLAN hotspot list under certain circumstances display erroneous signal problems.

User feedback

  • Add user feedback APP.
    Feedback: On the phone side feedback issues directly from the problem category
    Help: FAQ and use the system functions according to the Raiders
    Daily Recommended: Recommended system solutions to problems related to the popular use of the Raiders, firmware updates and other information


  • Optimization of micro-channel sharing experience.
  • When repair full-screen playback of online video, a selection of issues can not slide.
  • Switching drama bug fixes using potato video source automatically play when the problem drama.
  • Even now offline cache files fixes playback video clip shows the wrong question.
  • Normal repair process even now sliding pages by sliding Click issues.
  • Repair Press text links occasionally unresponsive problems.
  • Fix browser compatibility problems identified iPad when some of the pages of.
  • Repair any particular browser crash scene.


  • Repair playing XVID video file has sound but no picture problem.
  • Even now when repairing the next one click the icon display has suggested loading animation video is not a problem.


  • Repair super-resolution picture display all gray issues.
  • Repair thumbnail list does not scroll bar problem.
  • Repair a document to add a picture from, select a picture to enter the gallery could not be added to the normal editing interface problems.


  • Repair Home Banner multi-touch when the question of error.
  • Repair article details the interface even now the question of error.
  • Repair even now without responding.


  • Repair the camera burst stuck when probabilistic problem.


  • Repair intelligent error correction when selecting candidates Pinyin Pinyin brackets also at screen problem.
  • Repair Enter WLAN password bomb box with a keyboard prompt box while the pop-up networking application problem.


  • Repair process in detail interface problems after downloading the problem of lost sporadic attachment.
  • Repair delete all logged mailbox accounts from setting persists after the issue before the login email account name.
  • Repair Themes card interface floor number is not the right questions.
  • Log list shows the blank after the repair of the problem for a long time, accelerating the speed of e-mail login.
  • Repair quote characters cause problems url encoded messages can not be displayed.
  • Repair unread tank load more valid question.


  • Optimize the user experience.
  • Fix your imports ICS Event List screen displays unusual problem.
  • After the repair Exit Account My subscriptions interface display problems still account information.
  • Repair is not recognized when parsing ICS file “EMAIL” problem.


  • Repair application theme desktop folder name color replacement failure problem.


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Hello world!

I’m new to MEIZU since today when I got my MX5 32GB… I ordered from European redistributor and it came to me with Flyme OS So, C => no 3G & 4G for me in Slovakia. My question is, can I flash A version over this C? I read posts in topic for previous version, and there some users wrote, that they flashed it successfully and 3G is working well. But do I have to do full wipe?

Thanks in advance.
Yours new MEIZU fan, Sterver.

Heh, I did. Flashed and without wipe but I have still problem with 3G…

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Meizu Pro 6

@Sterver If it is only your data connection that doesn’t work in 3G and 4G then you may have incorrect APN settings (Meizu has the wrong settings for some of the operators).

Check the following post if that is your problem:

@generationally Thanks. I haven’t got problem with APN settings. It is only because of low signal for 3G in my flat.

Meizu MX5

My MX5 came with C version also, and 3G didn´t work here in Finland. Tried to manually chance APN setting couple times, still only 2G. Also tried my SIM card in my old Samsung S3 and 3G was working alright in that phone.

Finally downloaded A version of FlymeOS and succesfully installed it over my C version. Magic happened and my 3G is working just fine now.

So you can upgrade to A version and that sovled my 3G problem.

Please how do I flash this A Version over my C version for my 3g and 4g to work?

Meizu MX5

Search works just fine, but: go to it is in chinese so you can use Chrome for translate if you like. Just download newest version (, and open it with phones Document app. It will install itself. This is not proven fix for 3G problems, worked for me tho.


Sorry, but do you even read what this topic is about?

We even offer a high speed link from our servers to download the file.

Hello guys!

Can you please tell me the difference between version A and version C?


i already read about this.
For who doesnt know:

A is Universal Chinese Version with less Chinese apps.
U is Unicom(China Unicom operator/carrier) version with 7 or 8 Chinese apps.
C is China Mobile carrier version,it also has some Chinese apps.
A,C or U They are all the same in theory,the only difference is preloaded Chinese apps.


That’s not correct, C is default ROM and, like A, universal.

Difference is that A version supports dual 4G whereas C version only supports one SIM with 3G/4G and the other only GSM.


C is not the default rom or how do you explain the C firmware to have China Mobile specific apps?

I did not have any china mobile specific apps as far as I know. Phone bought directly from Meizu store had C firmware. They explained me in store that I could change to A to get both SIMs to work on 3/4G.


@kasperhettinga said:

I did not have any china mobile specific apps as far as I know. Phone bought directly from Meizu store had C firmware. They explained me in store that I could change to A to get both SIMs to work on 3/4G.

It is a carrier specific version, otherwise I do not understand why there is the A firmware.

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