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Hey there,

after a few days with my m2 note I noticed, that battery life is not really impressive.
I used 2 SIMs (one data card for 4G, one for calls / messages). Then I tried to use my 3G SIM only… Still the same weak battery life.

I noticed that “Android OS” is keeping the phone awake 75% of the time. Can’t get into more details, as I haven’t rooted my phone.

Tried a factory reset - but still the same problem. I don’t use too much push services (only the regular stuff… WhatsApp, Facebook and Exchange for mails / contacts).
See more on the attached pictures - battery life could be worse, but I don’t think this is normal. Do you also have this? I’m on Flyme OS 4.5.1I


S50806-194331.jpg S50806-194349.jpg

What About Screen On Time !!

Oh sorry, forgot about that.

Screentime was 1h 46m 57s … That’s low compared to the awake time of 7h 4m 4s :wink:


I just learned how easy it is to root a Flyme device…

I found out what keeps my phone awake all the time (with a wakelock detector):

EINT wakelock

This seems to be related to the WiFi and is well-known with MediaTek chipsets :-(

Meizu Pro 6

This is how I have reduced the problem with EINT wakelock:


I resetted my device twice yesterday night… And even kept my WiFi Settings as before - no wakelocks today so far.

Used 8h 40min
Display On 1h 32m
Phone was awake for 43 minutes
Still 64% battery

This is what I call kind of normal / good ;-)

Hope it will last quite a while… Although I don’t know why the problem stopped now… :+1:

And it started all over again in the evening, when I haven’t even used the phone… :-(
Would be interesting to see if other M2 Note also have this problem…

I’ve got this problem only once, I noticed the battery drain early in the morning and in the evening my battery was out (instead of the “usual” 75% left at that point).

After a few more days the problem is still there…

I turn off WiFi when I’m at work - and the problem is gone.
As soon as I come home and turn it on - Android OS is draining battery like a maniac.

Hope this will get fixed one day, as I usually never had to turn off WiFi on any device before :-1:

I think the problem is from your home wifi

No, can’t be from my home wifi!
It drains the battery, even when I’m not at home.

As soon as I turn on wifi (only the feature itself, without loggin into any wifi) “Android OS” starts draining nearly immediately and keeps the phone awake for 75% of the time.

My Meizu M2 Note has the same problem…
30% battery life after a day and only 2hrs Screen on Time.

have you tried to uptade to latest stable version?


@laworlando I think, the sad news is … .that this is a problem for a quite a while by now :cry: and probably known to Meizu, they just don’t care.

Meizu MX5

Not just you I’m having similar issues

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