Tempered Glass MX5

Hi to all :)

Im not jet recive my Meizu MX5 but for now i just recive my protective film tempered glass 9H by Nillkin. This is one of the best tempered glass on the market. I have it on my Xiaomi Mi3 and it was very good. Phone falls a 20 times and potective glass was just have scrach.

I suggest everyone to buy a new protection. It is fingerprint-free and can work with wet fingers and the phone receive your commands without problems. It is very strong and very clean.

In package you get:

  • Screen tempered glass protection
  • Camera and laser auto-focus tempered glass protection
  • Installation Kit: wet wipes suit, blue electrostatic dust film, dedusting cleaning film, replacment puling tag, professional screen wipe clothIMG_20150804_160748_HDR.jpg IMG_20150804_160818_HDR.jpgIMG_20150804_160859_HDR.jpg
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Meizu MX5

Nice! Where you buy this (which shop)?

@Vrane said:

Nice! Where you buy this (which shop)?

I buy it on Aliexpress. Just 9 EUR. :)

Meizu MX5

please share the exact link

i buy for my mx4 pro hehe its strong ao clean :) i recommend

i bought it for my MX4. i even dont feel him

Meizu MX5

Yes, good quality.
I bought H+ from ebay.

Hi, I can confirm that everyone should have a protectiv film glass 9H!

My MX5 felt down about 3 meters on stonetiles and survived. The display is as new.

So if you are really using your smartphone - never go without protector. ;-)

@iskomx5 could you also provide some guide how to put that glass on? I bought kit this with my MX5 but no clue what’s the correct way to use it…

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