Gyro/Compass Issue

Has anyone else noticed a Gyroscope or Compass issue with the M2 Note. The phone seems to lose the correct settings pretty quickly after a fresh calibration in developer options. I also checked this on another handset so I know mine isn’t alone.

You can test this yourself by downloading the Google Camera app and trying to take a Photo Sphere. When you point the camera towards the ceiling/sky they Gyro will initially stay put, but will then begin to pull the horizon to the centre of the cameras view. The same will happen when you point towards the floor.

The compass tends to spin around uncontrollably too, making any app that uses the compass for direction unusable.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve tried calibrating using the developer options menu (also tried through the MTK menu with no luck) and I’ve also downloaded a few apps that claim to calibrate the Gyro/Compass. They all seem to work, but only for a few seconds or minutes at best.

Any idea if this will be fixed with an update?


Most likely. However, we can’t see what the developers plan next, so we can only wait.

i’ve a m2 mini with firmware and i’ve same problem

Meizu MX4 Pro

I have the same Problem on my mx4 pro :( and i aleready made a post but nobody replied

i’ve found a solution or better an explanation for this issue…the gyroscope on my device (m2 mini) is emulated, it’s not an hardware gyroscope so you’ve to use your phone in order to make work better gyroscope.unfortunately if you restart your device, every data collected for gyroscope are resetted. i hope that in the next flyme upgrade this bug will be fixed

Meizu MX4 Pro

How to collect all data for the gyro Sensor ? If i just go to developer settings and then calibrate it the photosphere app also doesnt work…

The thing is i have the same issue. But the question is when will they issue out another update to correct it. It even affects my google map while navigating. I have to switch to 2D mode

Yup, the issue has been present on every firmware version so far. I have emailed Meizu directly and they have informed me they will be looking into this. Fingers crossed an update will have the gyro working the way it should…!

@tafazzi87 I did wonder if this would be the case. I have used a couple of sensor apps from the Google Play store and they report the sensor as a LSM6DS3 Gyroscope/Accelerometer from STMicroelectronics <- Which according to that data sheet is a real device. So, if they have emulated/faked this, they’ve done a good job of covering it up!

I see this topic is 6 months old. But have you already found something? I have the same problems with my Meizu MX4 pro now it’s very bad to watch a VRglasses.

anybody found solution to calibration?
i regret buying a Meizu phone
stuck with flyme forever

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