Camera not saving flash settings

Hey there,

I’m kinda new to the Meizu world and just received my M2 Note from (International version). Really impressed with the phone so far.

One minor flaw I just noticed:

When you start up the camera app, the flash is always disabled, except when you changed the setting and just exit the app with the “back” button and keep it running in the background. As soon as you close the app completely and start it up again - the flash setting is disabled again.

Is there a “secret” way to solve this, except with 3rd party apps? I really enjoy the original camera app. It could be worse, but would definitely be easier if the automatic flash would always be enabled.
The settings from the menu (picture / video size) is saved, once you changed it…

Many thanks!


@laworlando said:


Hey laworlando, I’ve noticed this too. It doesn’t save the ‘HDR’ or ‘Grid’ settings either. Looks like its a minor flaw in the camera apps coding, and it’s the same for the M1 Notes camera too. Bit of a shame as its a great camera app. I hope they fix this!

I hope they can fix this glitch. :(

This thing is on my Meizu M1 note 6 mounths and so far no fix for it :)

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