Charging very very slow or sometimes not at all

My m1 note 16 GB has serious charging problems. Sometimes it charges fine, but sometimes i leave it 7-8 hours and it charges only 30-40%. Yesterday i connected it to AC but it did not make the charging sound, and only started charging after many attempts.I left it for 2-3 hours at 34% but it stuck at 34%. I switched the phone off, and left it charging all night and it went from 34 to 39% in 8 hours! Now it makes the charging sound normally when i connect it and starts charging, but doesnt charge fine. I searched a lot and found advices for battery calibration, but i am not able to charge it at 100% to do the calibration. I think for some reason it does not receive the appropriate power from the charger. I have two m1 note devices and installed “ampere” app in both. One receives 1500-3500 mah when charges, the problematic one receives only 500-800 mah with the same charger. Of course i have tried 2 different chargers. Is there any suggestion please? Is that a calibration problem or my device is defective? I have it about 1,5 months. Thanks a lot

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Could be just a false calibration, but maybe your wall charger. Change it and see if the issue still occurs.

I have already used 2 different both of them work fine on the second device, how can i calibrate if i cant charge it to 100% first? I thought of letting it discharge fully and then try to charge with the hope that then it will charge

I am reluctant to do that with 10% battery left.

which firmware are you on?

I let it drain the battery until it switched off and then charged it for 4 hours. I switched on and it was at 46% and stuck there it didnt seem to be charging any more so i couldnt calibrate. any idea?

I have similar problem. Any advice on how to calibrate the battery?

Are you on the same firmware?

So it is not my firmware bug

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Another strange thing. I installed CPU-Z to manually monitor the battery voltage…When i plug in the phone to a charger or to the PC it doesn’t respond, but i can see that the battery voltage is starting to raise slowly and when i disconnect the phone the voltage starts to drop. This is making me think that there is something wrong with the calibration. But this doesn’t explain why it is not recognized by my PC even as a media device. I described the problem in more detail in my topic here in this forum.

Edit: I’m also writing here because i think that our problems are very similar.

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CPU-Z isn’t exact on Android phones.
However, just reflash the firmware with clear data as said. The phone is 100% misscalibrated.

I did that. I reinstalled the firmware with clear data and the problem stays.

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