M2 Note Mobile Data problem

I can connect to 2G, 3G, and 4G but i can’t seem to get internet. The weird part is, i can get and send emails via the stock email app. I can connect to the wifi and get internet fine, it’s just through the mobile internet. I have tried the sim in a different phone and get internet there as well. im running flyme 4.5.1i.

Meizu Pro 6

@crosslancer The mobile internet APN for your operator may be wrongly configured by Meizu.

That is the case with my operator so whenever I update my firmware using the clear data option I have to go and change the mobile internet APN to the right value.

Check your APN mobile internet setting from Settings -> Networks -> APNs and compare it to setting that your operator tells you to use. Use Google search if you don’t know your operators mobile Internet APN.

I was facing exactly same issue. I fixed it by deleting existing APN and creating new one again with correct settings got from internet for my mobile provider

Hi, This is kesava from Hyderabad, i bought Meizu M2 note on 27/10/15, internet is workng in wi-fi but not in mobile internet. Tried to delete/ modify/ reset all APN related settings but no use… need any one to suggest what to do & how to do to resolve this problem please…

kesava rao M - 9560702747

how did you fix this problem? i have the same issue with data connection. thanks

Try to check your mobile network permission in security. I got the same problem before, and i’ve just realized that i haven’t turn on the apps that i want to get the mobile network internet. I’m running Flyme
I hope this will help you

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