[GOAL] Enable softkeys/on screen keys

So I was looking for a way to enable softkeys on my mx4 pro and couldn’t do it. After that I checked xda and saw that the flyme room for nexus 5 has the softkeys enabled since the phone has no hardware keys at all.
I’m not a developer so maybe there would be anyone who is skilled enough to check if it’s possible to use the code/resources from nexus flyme rom ad implement the on screen button part to mx4/mx4p/mx5

By chance i have found this app called SoftKey Enabler on the PlayStore and it can enable On screen softkeys. The result is a little messy in default Flyme Apps, besides the Multitasking button does not work. This was tested on a Meizu M1 Note with Flyme OS rooted2_1451248371165_S51227-212611.jpg 1_1451248371164_S51227-212556.jpg 0_1451248371163_S51227-212519.jpg

Meizu MX5

root explorer in buildprob editor enable softkey ı am complated

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