[HOW-TO] Install Xposed Lollipop Alpha on MX3 Flyme 4.5.x

Xposed for Lollipop Alpha needs Custom recovery to install. However it can be manually installed on devices without CWM / TWRP.

Read the WHOLE thing once before you start.
[Disclaimer] I do NOT take any responsibility for anything unexpected happening to your device by following this procedure. Follow it EXACTLY as mentioned and get the CORRECT files. BACKUP before you proceed. [/Disclaimer]


  1. Flyme 4.5.4A (Should work with future lillipop builds aswell)
  2. Device should be rooted and SuperSU installed (Should work with other Su permission managers as well)
  3. adb drivers installed on your PC.
  4. USB debugging enabled on device from Settings -> Accessibility

Download the following packages:

  1. Installer Script and adb for Windows: XposedManualInstall.zip
  2. Latest Xposed files from XDA (Attached at the end for comfort): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3034811
    • Xposed Framework: You need to get the ARM version. NOT the other two.
    • Xposed App: XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk


  1. Extract the XposedManualInstall folder from the zip.

  2. Extract the ‘system’ directory from the ‘xposed-v68-sdk21-arm.zip’ into the ‘XposedManualInstall’ folder.

  3. Copy the Xposed apk to your device to install later.

  4. Start a ‘cmd’ terminal and change directory to XposedManualInstall.

  5. Connect your device by USB with debugging enabled.

  6. Run following commands (copy paste will do):
    adb devices
    Should detect your device

  7. adb push system /data/local/tmp/system

  8. adb push installer /data/local/tmp

  9. adb shell

  10. su
    SuperSU will ask for Su permission on device - Accept it.

  11. chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/installer

  12. /data/local/tmp/installer

  13. It will run and exit back to shell. Restart the device.

  14. After restart, install the apk you had copied earlier through Documents or any file manager.

  15. In the Xposed app - > Framework it should show ‘Xposed framework version 68 active.’ in green

  16. Enjoy!


  1. XposedManualInstall.zip
  2. xposed-v68-sdk21-arm.zip
  3. XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk


  1. DO NOT get the wrong zip of Xposed files!! You WILL bootloop if you do. Meizu MX3 is an ‘arm’ device. DO NOT USE the arm64 or x86 files.
  2. Should work fine with other devices too till you get the correct Xposed zips.
  3. I’ve not packaged the Xposed files with the script so that it will be easy for everyone to get the latest package as and when new releases are made…


  1. rovo89 (XDA): For creating Xposed and all the framework files above.
  2. shakalaca (Zentalk forums): For the installer script and adb.
  3. GreyGhost : Myself for writing the guide :P
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Great tutorial. Hopefully that works on other devices like the MX4 and MX4 Pro as well.


Yes theoretically it should work for MX4 and MX4 Pro too, unless there are some major changes to the Flyme versions in them… [Always backup before testing such experimental stuff]
Whether it works for MX5 and the m1/m2/ m1/m2 Note [They all have 64bit processors if I’m not mistaken] will depend on what kind of build of Flyme they use. If they are using 32bit Flyme then the same package should work. If they use 64bit then they will require the arm64 package from XDA. Again if anyone is trying this, confirm the type of build before you go ahead or you WILL end up with a bootloop as there is NO arch checking to confirm the package in this installer script.

PS. It will be great if someone can confirm the guide is working after they are done testing. [Again advise backup before proceeding]

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@GreyGhost i cant do it please help me :(

i purchased meizu m2

flyme 4.5.3i(lolipop5.1)

CPU ARM cortex A53

GPU ARM mail T720

plz any body help me to install exposed


@ithehar stop to double post!

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