Help with restoring mx4 (HEEEELP!!)

"So yeah, while messing with files and deleting what I thought were just bloatware apps I think I done gone goofed a li’l bit. Now I’m plagued with lag spikes, and the occasional crash.
Is there any way to restore and replace everything that was deleted? Please.

Also I’m noticing a lot of text overlapping in the UI and especially the settings app. The top left of the screenshot is just one example. Any suggestions there as well?"

I have this same problem, but I also did the factory reset, result: My meizu is unroot and also every time I try to log in Flyme Os account to try rooting again, it crashes.

Is there any way that I can fix this problem? TKS!

Aditional information: as I am without root, I can not do a system upgrade by the “” file, because I can`t copy the to the root directory of my device. Thanks again.

Meizu MX4

turn on the phone and hold volum up?Go in recovery mode, and copy on the folder from the pc.

How can I copy on the root directory from the pc? Ive already tried on windows 8.1 where the folder was hidden and on ubuntu 12.04 LTS where it didnt show nothing, no directory, actually only the DCIM and Images .

Meizu MX4

1 Turn off the phone: 2 Turn on and hold volume up; 3 The phone go in recovery mode and a folder popup. 4 in this folder, copy the; 5 Choose Clear data 6 reflash

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I had already tried clearing data (without copy the, but It didn`t work.

Now, Ive tried what you told me, but unfortunately, It didnt work as well.

It appear firmware corrupt

Meizu MX4

firmware A or I? New or old firmware?


You do not need to be root to put the file there.
Boot into the recovery again and connect the device to your PC.
Now just move the onto it, so it isn’t stuck in any folder, thats what root means.

I got it!! This is my first week with the phone, but there is an amazing forum called meizufans… I didn’t know that I can just install chinese firmware, because my meizu came with “U” firmware. I didn’t know too that it was just putting on the phone when the recovery mode is “running”. It’s so dumb and easy comparing with others smartphones. Thank you everyone !! :relieved:

i have a similar problem but can’t fix it that way. the phone broke while rebooting and all i can see since yesterday is the meizu logo.
i tried puting the phone in recover mode, where the system upgrade and the clear data choices appear. however when i connect the phone with the pc so as to copy the to the root directory, my pc tells me that my device is not recognizable and no folder appears.
can i do something else?

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