Can't add any more accounts in meizu M2 note

Hey, just bought a new m2 note, and it kinda crashes when I try to add any more google accounts into it…ideas?

did you try to update to 4.5.2?

I’ve tryed to register with flyme (new user). I could not input my name or password. (I pressed on the blank line to input but there’s no keyboard popup). Pls help me?
My problem’s solved:

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@temptator How did you solve it?

@Kokkie said:

@temptator How did you solve it?

Before I posted, I could only input “Security email”. After I’ve tryed for awhile, I know the way to input another line by just press at the space next to “name” in the 1st line and next to “Password” in the 2nd line, that’s it.

I’m stuck at this too, I can’t add more google accounts in meizu m2 ,please tell me if u sloved

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