Flyme OS 4.5.2 stable (m2 note)



  • Optimize mobile 3G standby power consumption.
  • Speaker phone noise optimization noise and other problems.
  • Background easily killed optimize application problems.
  • Optimize system application startup time.
  • HOME key needs to fix the problem points twice before responding.
  • Alarm clock repair phone reboot problems arise overnight charge.
  • Calls handset with video sound problem fixes playback of video.
  • Repair sporadic Flyme account logged undue cleared question.
  • Repair phone may restart problem.
  • Fix the problem caused due iFlyTek mobile digital certificates.
  • External SD Card repair settings inefficacy of the phone ringing.
  • After repairing close holster call will vibrate problems.
  • Repair PIN code interface call an emergency number, hang up the call interface is still a problem.
  • Open microblogging phone from the multi-task management repaired encryption telephone and microblogging can not exit password entry screen.
  • Recovery from the camera into the gallery, after the lock screen right slide can not enter the library issue.
  • Audio recorder interface when repairing files and documents in play audio files, long inconsistencies.


  • GPS positioning speed optimization.


  • Fixes a number of issues WIFI.


  • Repair search call records flash back problems.
  • For more details, contact details, or call the repair interface call, outgoing interface wrong way to cut the problem.
  • Yellow Pages repair call number (such as 10086), hang up click to call recording head, returned to the desktop flash issue.
  • Fix the problem can not be saved numbers with spaces.
  • Custom Auto Repair exit call interface is abnormal reply.
  • Repair first boot directly back to the desktop problems call hang up.
  • Under repair lock screen black call, hang up the terminal after the other bright screen is abnormal.
  • Possible crash repair telephone.

Notification bar

  • Click the icon restoration notification message, the notification message is automatically deleted, but does not jump to the page corresponding application problem.
  • Repair stand-charging battery icon is full of state, there is no problem charging animation.


  • New Form Remember Password box prompts bomb.
  • Optimization browser content sharing to experience micro-channel.
  • Repair in the reading mode or regular Web pages Press text links, even now no response to the problem.
  • Repair browser to access the branch network show load failure 付宝官 click Alipay home, and still can not withdraw Previous issues.
  • Repair Ad Filter related issues.
  • After the repair receipt of the message containing the URL to extract URL from the short message, calling the browser does not automatically download the file in question.
  • Browse full-screen interface at the top of bug fixes not covered browser in full screen mode.
  • Repair your browser settings option to set the font size function problem no effect.


  • Part of the scene to repair the front lens in the outdoor yellowish problem.
  • Repair panoramic camera has a vertical line of stitching at the problem.


  • Even now play mpeg audio repair audio coding video interface Huaping problems.
  • When using the MX repair or iPhone UA potato video is not part of the problem.
  • Repair XVID video file has sound but no picture issues.


  • Repair super-resolution picture display full of gray problems.

Backup and Recovery

  • Repair backup generation timestamp folder name resulted in backup and recovery flash back problems.


  • Repair theme color replacement issue is not in force.

Set up

  • Repair using third-party input method, complex password input field with a simple interface display / complex passwords switching problem of overlapping.
  • Repair turn mute the sound and vibration pages will not turn off mute, press the volume key issues.
  • APN 2 switching cards while repairing the main card, the actual problem is not the handover success.
  • After inserting the SIM card repair boot, connect the USB cable can not be switched connection problems.

Flyme 4.5.2A

Flyme 4.5.2A

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Nice to have a properly translated changelog, thanks. A mini-howto to do a manual update would also be nice :-)

What is the rule about firmware compatibility? I have a “international” version of the m2 note I guess, with current firmware version “4.5.1 I”. Can I (and should I) update using “A” or “U” versions available on the meizu website?


Yep ypu can use the A firmware (U and C are carrier specific, so nothing for us non-chinese).

To upgrade just download the file and open it in the Document app.

Thanks For The Update Bro,
What about the battery is it good now in holding charge
and why there is no FM radio in M2 note , can i install a FM Radio from Play store !!

Hi when I have installed 4.5.2A over 4.5.1I it has removed Google apps. I have tried installing Gapps installer from the App Centre but it wont Re-Install.

Also, is there a fix for sim 2 losing signal every minute or so, this didnt happen on 4.5.1I ?

I can also not find a version of 4.5.1I firmware to reinstall (Yes I know I should have backed up first).

Does anyone have a link to this firmware on the web ?

Many thanks


I recently bought the meizu m2 note.When i open it for first time has the Greek Language and works with it fine.When i install the 4.5.2A this language lost.You know what we can do ? Or what is the Custom firmware to downgrade it?
Many Thanks

Meizu customer services advised me this firmware is for the Chinese not international market.


This is correct, it is an A firmware, but basically there isn’t a huge difference between A and I firmwares.
The I firmware simply lacks the chinese applications and comes with Google Services included.
The A firmware then again has some chinese applications and lacks the Google Services (can be installed over Google Installer), but is in the core identical.

@AOKP is right ! I am using M2 Note chinese version (Firmware with A) and After selecting the English Language it works fine. it had some Chinese apps which I removed. Also I installed the Gapps using Gapp installer. Now every thing works fine.


Sir where I can download the International version of this firmware?

Thank you!

Hey guys please I need your help asap. I want to buy this phone but the seller says I can’t update it. If I update the firmware I will lose languages. Can someone tell me what languages will be lost after update? I only need English and I need updates to fix bugs. Thanks. Hope you can reply asap.

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English is still included.

But your dealer was only half honest to you.
All devices which weren’t bought from an official partner, shop or Meizu Mart itself, won’t have warranty.
So be sure to ask for the original device invoice as well.

I bought meizu m2 note form china, i use use in europe. I use whatsupp in my phone. My friend’s whatsupp messages come late (15-20 minutes later). how can ı fix that problem.

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