Flyme OS 4.5.4A test firmware (m1 note)


!WARNING! You must clear data, when coming from Android 4.4. Minimum firmware version!


  • Optimize system performance fever.
  • Optimization brightness too dark when off charge.
  • Optimize system application startup time.
  • Fix the problem at no vibration feedback effects of each scene.
  • Repair during a call sporadic phone automatically disconnect signal problems.
  • Repair the phone for a long time after the issue of resuming the standby.

Lock screen

  • Press the Home key to fix the lock to unlock the screen and press the power button, first press Home invalid question.
  • Repair phone extinguishing screen and press the power button issue can not be bright screen.
  • Repair call interface issues and smart cover window size does not match.
  • Repair password lock screen interface into the emergency call, enter the number does not show the problem.


  • Repair Expand / Collapse folder, animation Caton problems.

Notification bar

  • Repair Status Bar Click the drop-down notification bar message icon on the left region message problem will disappear.


  • Repair pull-down bar, click the message text into the message your personal list, click on picture does not enter the issue of contact details interface.
  • 4G mobile network under repair send, receive MMS messages with a high probability of failure problem.


  • Repair message recording interface, peer no tone, no problem response after Return call interface.
  • Repair silent calls, hang up after a missed call information display issues.
  • Repair during a call sporadic phone automatically disconnect signal no problems.

Set up

  • Repair open driver assistance, call the non-contact-free voice broadcast issues.
  • Repair power consumption does not show the problem of power consumption of the APP.


  • The new card content system, increase the browser’s content information.
  • Enable Android L new Chrome 40 cores.
  • URL input box Chinese Lenovo optimization results.
  • Optimization of micro-channel sharing style.

Desktop Cloud Backup

  • Modify Mobile Desktop cloud backup center entrance to account.
  • Optimization immediately separated the desktop backup and automatic backup cloud backup.
  • New Desktop Cloud Backup backup list add different models.


  • Fixes a bug report, the music stops running issue.
  • Repair play local songs, matching songs online view artist details, matching is not accurate.
  • Trial shows the number of incorrect repair problems.
  • Repair Personal Center interface CUE whole track song single song without problems.
  • When there is a cover song repair, personal center of the interface does not display the default cover of the song.


  • Fix the wrong problem copywriting tips when logging Taobao account.

Security center

  • Repair ranking this month with the same problem day usage WLAN.
  • Repair networking state of killing the virus problem of abnormal results.
  • Fix to enable problems to customize power-saving mode settings, restart the test machine settings are not in force.

Cloud service

  • Repair tips Copywriter amended Taobao account name of an error.
  • Fixes synchronization failures specific scenarios.


  • Repair panorama shooting, click on the lower left corner of the touch screen Back button issue invalid.


  • Repair to enter the Network Neighborhood access any shared client can not recognize the format of the file, click after the document flash back problems.
  • Restored Android 4.4.4 upgrade to Android 5.1 to clear data from the firmware, documentation can not be deleted.

Voice assistant

  • Repair open driver assistance, call the non-contact-free voice broadcast issues.
  • Repair input “movie” keyword phrase makes flash back problem arises.
  • Repair sporadic voice assistant unresponsive problems.


  • After the repair has subscribed to quit Flyme Account page still displays data subscription issue.


  • Repair mail reply or forward after the original message can not be opened, the prompt “Loading” issue.


  • Create multiple download tasks to fix the problem, the download process will automatically pause the download of all.

The weather

  • Optimizing application startup speed.


  • Optimizing application startup speed.

Flyme 4.5.4A

Flyme 4.5.4A

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m1 note

I had several issues with this so doing a clean install now.

Biggestproblem is the missing languages now.

Other issue is the missing network around all time, no call, no internet - Not firmware related.

And it’s still “[Firmware released] charm blue note Flyme 4.5.4 Trial Version Firmware” not Stable

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Titanium backup finally worked :D

Is there an “I” version coming up?

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Have problem with languages (no greek).At Flyme 4.5.3A allwas ok.Is stable version?

Is there any English-language ?

Is this really a stable version, as on it is listed as experience edition. Follow the link

m1 note

4.5.X is stable for MX4 only. Both are public betas.

French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, Chinese supported in 4.5.4A

The title is wrong and misinforms other people.

It’s not stable and not final, with some bugs.
So, totally not recommended.

Install more locale 2. Can little help us.

m1 note

@AOKP Hope the next will remain stable too :)

hello, no other news concerning this version ?

any one knows how to downgrade back to kitkat after flashing this ?

Download the kitkat update file and install it the same way you installed 4.5.4A

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