Flyme OS 4.5.4 stable (MX4)


!WARNING! Clear data when upgrading from non 4.5.X versions!


Upgrade the system version to Android 5.0.1.
Upgrade the baseband version.
Upgrade MX4 Pro fingerprint recognition algorithm, fingerprint recognition to enhance efficiency.
Optimizing application startup speed. optimize performance and heating performance.

Desktop Cloud Backup

Modify Mobile Desktop cloud backup center entrance to the account.
Optimization immediately separated the desktop backup and automatic backup cloud backup.
New Desktop Cloud Backup backup list add different models.

Lock screen

Under the optimal state of charge of the lock screen to hide the drop-down notification bar charging animation, optimization status bar drop-down speed.
Intelligent switching to optimize the efficiency of leather.


MX4 Pro support Alipay fingerprint payment.

Notification bar

Added immersive status bar switch.


New number segment display.
New contact details page to increase “Blacklist” and "delete contacts’ entrance.
New call records list displays yellow identification information.
New missed call in the notification bar displays “back”.
Optimization of call recording and contact details of the default Flyme phone call.
Optimization of the contact name in the space reserved field.
Optimization yellow frame number identification.
OPTIMIZATION ON hides the status bar icon message recording.


Modify cancel SMS landscape mode.
Optimize network to send voice information while stopping other voice playback.

Set up

Under the new set a password lock screen clear user data to verify the password lock screen.
New screen lock, document locking area, apply encryption password separately.
When modifying playing music to enter the “Sound and Vibration” screen, the music will not stop playing.
Modify guest mode optimization needs.
The new felt optimization algorithm, optimization shock effect of a variety of scenarios.
Repair MX4 Pro local backup application data unrecoverable problem.
Modify remove MX4 Pro “primary key touch” and “intelligent hide Smartbar” option.


Optimization Home new revision.
New independent radio entrance.
New import function watercress Hearts song.
You can delete the local file is removed when the new music.
Added Dirac HD Sound support six new headphones (Etymotic ER4P, AKG Y16, AKG 420, Beyerdynamic DT1350, Beyerdynamic DT235, Sennheiser MX375).
View lyrics optimization experience.


Browse new geographic classification.
Added subfolder support rapid selected.
Added support big picture view page view rotation gesture.
Modify cloud Ali cloud album service switched to the album, offers unlimited storage space.


Added Tudou video resources.
New suspension window player supports intelligent dock edge.
Added support big picture view page view rotation gesture.
Added playback recording support cloud synchronization.
Optimization of the hot column layout.

Security center

New traffic monitoring new “This Week Ranking”.
When the low battery optimization tips into power saving mode automatically erased prompt after connecting power supply.
Standby power management to optimize the cloud updates the whitelist support.
After optimization of standby power consumption management to clean up the application, there will first clean up prompt message.
Optimize application cleanup new display all applications.
Optimization garbage cleanup support separate each small trash cleanup.

Application Center

New list “filter has been installed” support.
Optimal adjustment of the “New Boot” for the squared style.
Optimal adjustment “search hot words list” is a list of style.


Optimized headset and loud speaker by adjusting the volume keys are 15, supports finger drag trimming.


New Featured Articles cooperation with headlines today, through personalized recommendation algorithm for real push users like article content.
Added support for clicking links Share the article after the jump to read the application.

Domestic services

Add a personal center interface new design.
Add new travel services interface design, adding real-time car, pedestrian navigation functions.
Added function to bind movie tickets arrived in price.
Add a personal center order management.
Optimization and upgrading of high moral ground gallery.


Added notification bar display alarm sounds, click Display alarm bomb box support or turn off the alarm.
New lock screen when the alarm rings, in case the weather is not installed automatically calls the system lock screen.


Optimize storage optimization services to enhance the upload speed.
Modify cloud disk service switched to Ali cool disk, providing 40T cloud storage space.


Added support for themes Specials function.


New e-mail conversation mode.
New mail attachment management interface.
Optimization allows a user name to log on with spaces.


The new card contents system, increase the browser’s content information.
New download acknowledgment function.
URL input box Chinese Lenovo optimization results.
Optimization enabled Android L chrome 40 new kernel.
Optimized video player directly into the full-screen mode.
Optimization of the browser share style micro-channel.


Added hide keyboard.


New wind power, wind, travel index, air humidity display.


Added Chinese language by default Monday week start date adjustment.


Optimizing application startup speed.

Game Center

New arrival spot payment functions.
New micro-channel payment functions.

User Center

Added Taobao account binding.
New gift the draw.

Payment center

Added support for the use of spot Flyme arrived.
New micro-channel pay.

User feedback

MX4 Pro Add user feedback APP.
Feedback: On the phone side feedback issues directly from the problem category.
Help: FAQ and use the Raiders according to the system function modules.
Daily Recommended: Recommended system solutions to problems related to the popular use of the Raiders, 
firmware updates and other information.

Flyme 4.5.4A

Flyme 4.5.4A

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Updated to this new version and now there is no Russian language in settings! How to get it back? I had it in 4.5.4 preview and all previous versions.


@odubinkin said:

Updated to this new version and now there is no Russian language in settings! How to get it back? I had it in 4.5.4 preview and all previous versions.

If Meizu removed it there isn’t much we can do about it, except wondering…

Meizu MX4

There is no italian language too! WTF Meizu?

Performance in AnTuTu is still about 38k, versus 50k in KK.

@xSurox why?? This is a great problem!!

Meizu MX4

What the heck Meizu? They removed Greek language, battery is worse than ever and in addition to all these it seems that in another release not all cores are enabled…as many others I’m dissapointed from Meizu and its’ “stable releases” and I’m strongly thinking of buying LeTV One Pro or OnePlus 2.

Where is my polish language? Where is autofocus in video recording? Only 5.0.1? Now MX4 for me is big mistake! I’m going back to and now is time to sale this phone!

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cmoon this is not stable version, its test version…

Is not stable, antutu 41000 and the battery so fast down
I go back to is faster antutu 51000

Meizu MX4

Hello, id like to ask if theres possibility to update from 4.1.8A to this version? Or higher version is needed? I dont care about missing languages, i prefer english anyways… Thanks!

@faux-pas it should not be a problem, but you’ll need to clear data anyway.

Can anyone post a manual for installing Xposed on 4.5.4?

Tried several which require selecting files of original firmware, don’t know what to choose.


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