Update tutorial?
Meizu MX5

Is there some Flyme update tutorial? For some who is newbie in Flyme, like me, that can be very useful.

  • when we download new version we need to copy on internal memory or we can make update from USB stick?

  • file name should always be “update .zip”?

  1. always place in root folder.
  2. yes always update.zip

but its only for manual firmware flashing. and only for 1st time… cause if youll jump manually to test firmwares - you will get OTA test firmwares.

Meizu MX5

Thank you. :+1:

We put update.zip in root folder. What’s the next step?


then open up app called Document (ita sort of Flyme file browser) and run that Update.zip
thats all.

Question. I did a factory reset on my MX5 now my play store keeps crashing when i open it. I tried to clear cache did a reset and and a full wipe even tried to downgrade back to an older version of flyme. Same thing keeps happening. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Maybe try uninstalling all google parts, then reinstalling and adding your google account again?

tried that. still no luck. if i tap on google services or play store even if i try to add an account through system it just opens and closes straight away.

Did you use the special installer for it? Or just a Google Play APK, this doesnt work.

Meizu m2 note

To run google apps you need to install google installer from meizu appcenter and then run it to install google services and you can use all google apps later.

i have downloaded update.zip file . when i tap on it i get an otion of either unzip or view. update does not happen. help

Meizu Pro 6

@drbasava make sure it is in the root directory of the phone\sdcard. Also you can boot to recovery than update.

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