the site is reliable?
Are originals?
someone has experience with this?

Honestly I don’t know. But I could give my opinion.

First sites with a brand name and the word “sale” are to attract people from search engines. Mostly used by scams instead of normal shops, since shops have a larger product range.
Secondly the prices for the MX4 and MX4 Pro are extremely low. The prices are lower than the prices at the comparison site Kimovil dot com. This could also be a sign of a scam.
Third they say that they are an official Meizu Mobiles online store. This is simply NOT true, the only official web store is Meizumart. This line is to make you believe you can trust them, I won’t. Same goes for the line “already sold”.
Since 2005 under China Mobile Coperation, they did not make phones back then, so why? First phone is 2008 (maybe year more or less, dont know exactly)

Just my 2 cents.

On the other hand, you can pay with PayPal, so if you want to try it, use PayPal. You have Buyers Protection with Paypal, look on their site how it works.

@tongas2002 If you want to buy Original phone,also If you are interested bout Mx5 check this seller:
I bought my M1 Note from him,it come in perfect condition and like we made deal, also check the feedback of his store 99% is positive so I think you wont have any problem. Sorry if Its prohibited to give links of shops but I just want to help.

Meizu MX5

Yes, Chigon is very reliable.


@Vrane said:

Yes, Chigon is very reliable.

yup… got mine MX4pro from them and 2 more friends after me got MX4 Pro from Chigon. all was good.

The very bad store they send broken phones, and then you need to send this phones for warranty and paid for fixing and shipping. Terrible service.

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