M1 won't turn on

I was trying to update my m1 to the leatest lollipop beta, the update failed (update corruput) and the phone restarted itself but after 2-3 seconds in the homescreen in freeze.
Now the phone is turned off but pressing the power button doesn’t turn it on, I tried pushing it for 30 seconds but nothing, only the touch button blink for a second.

@koala push both volume up and power button at the same time for more than 10 seconds to enter recovery… Then flash another firmware…

I’ve already tryed, recovery won’t boot either

first charge it overnight, it might help. Try with charger in and out, does it respond to that?

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I have the exact same problem

i also have meizu m1 note,is anyway we could enter recovery mode doing diffirent process?like pressing home button + volume up or down?still stuck to meizu boot logo and wont continue…pls help

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@imreden Enter in recovery mode with presing power button+volume up. Connect your device to pc and copy the update software package to the phone. After that, update with clear data and you will have your M1 note back alive ;)

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