Candy Crush Saga

I can’t play this game on my phone.

Download the game on app store not on playstore…

What? Send me link. I try download old wersion, but not working .

@Michał its on your fone , app center. my mistake its app center…

I have not this application, i have play store from google. I try used very old this game, but nothings work.

APP CENTER is one of the applications on your fone… Look for it , there is game center and app center on our fone… Even the shop where i bought my fone told me we cant use candy crush downloaded from google play… Or you can try this link… in this game , it’s only 400 levels ,and when i try installed it , she’s crash .

m1 note

Was hard to get a working version. Fixed in 4.5.3A beta

Thats a very old version of candy crush

For those who have app crashing issues, this might help.

  1. go to AppCenter to download and install Google Installer
  2. then start play store to install apps from there

Candy Crush definitely works.
Waze also works.
BTW am on 4.5.4A test firmware

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