mx4 wierd phone call bug?

hey all.
I own a mx4 for about six months and three days ago it strted giving me phone call problems.
evrey time im making or getting a phone call i cant hear anyting but pepole can hear me.
but the wierd part is that when im putting the phone on speaker…
then i can hear pepole but they cant hear me.
The mic and speaker work fine in other apps like sound recorder, youtube or the music player.
but when i tried to make a phone call with whatsapp it did the same problem.

i did a reset to the phone but it didnt helped and then i did an update to and still nothing,

dose anyone heard of something like that or some way to solve problem?


Sounds strange. I assume you’re having an issue with hardware. Can you check if your microphone + earpiece speaker works, using the recorder app for example?

In your “Record” app record a loud voice and play it with your media volume high enough. If you can hear your recording, toggle the earpiece speaker functionality (this is used for private listening of your notes/recordings. The toggle button should be somewhere in the corner of the screen and it might be activated just by lifting up your phone to your ear like you would do speaking on the phone) and see if that works.

Let me know how it turns out.

I have the exact same problem.

It is usually solved after a few restarts but is is not a solution at all…


@amifin said:

I have the exact same problem.

It is usually solved after a few restarts but is is not a solution at all…

Same firmware?

having a similar problem, before the vibrate stopped working, now is working but the microphone and the mTouch isn’t

thread is 3 months old, what firmware you guys at?? For me no problem with latest two stables A version


Hi aldux, i have same problem for same mx4, did u find any solution yet… hope u can share

I know this is an old thread but for others who have this problem I might has well say what worked for me. I dropped my phone and had this exact problem. normally the sound came back when i put pressure on the camera while making a call. so i opened it up and the ribbon cable had popped loose that was connected to the ear piece. took me about ten minutes to do. haven’t had a problem since.

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