Meizu launches Depth-VR and 10000mAh Power Bank priced at ¥49 and ¥149 respectively
Meizu m2 note

I saw this today and i am wondering if it’s true.

And if it’s true why anyone haven’t wrote any article to inform us?

The point is that are great news…

Alongside the flagship MX5, the Chinese company Meizu has launched two other products in yesterday’s event, which includes a Depth-VR Virtual Reality headset and also a massive 10000mAh power bank. Let’s take an insight into them…

Power Bank:


Meizu 10000mah Power Bank

Meizu has launched a portable power bank in the MX5’s event In China yesterday, which is having a capacity of 10000mAh and promises 93% charging conversion rate. The design of the power bank looks so premium and elegant.

Coming to the features, the power bank features a slim profile and it does have a four LED lights, which indicate the amount of juice left. A standard USB port for charging devices, a micro-USB port for recharging the power bank and a multi-function button.

Meizu’s power bank is equipped host of saftey features and company’s mCharge technology, which can juice up the Meizu MX5 to 58% in about 30minutes and to 100% in about 80minutes. The power bank also supports two-way fast charging, which means that you can simultaneously charge your power bank and the smartphone.

The power bank has lithium-ion batteries, which are said to be manufactured by Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), a Chinese startup which also makes batteries for Apple Inc. The power bank measures 143.5 x 75.4 x 17.4mm and it has 5V-2A or 9V/12V-2A input and 5V-2A output for normal charging and 9V-2A / 12V-1.5A output for fast charging.



Meizu Depth-VR virtual Reality headset

The company has also dipped its toes in Virtual Reality by launching a Google’s cardboard like Depth-VR headset with a very affordable price tag of 49 Yuan.

Pricing and Availability:

The Meizu power bank bears a price tag of 149 Yuan ($24) and Cardboard VR is priced at 49 Yuan ($8). As per the company, they will launch these gadgets by the end of July thus competing with likes of Xiaomi and ASUS. Well there’s still no word on global roll out yet.


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It is true, they did show it in their presentation yesterday. The thing is that the powerbank is expensive compared to the Xiaomi powerbank.


yeah saw that too… and its only 10k mAh… so its really nothing special…

@Kokkie with all the features is worth price


Weirdly enough even Gizchina has not reported on the launch of the powerbank and VR hradset thing…
As a matter of fact earlier they reported that the powrrbank won’t be released with the mx5…
No idea what happened finally… I wasn’t able to catch the live stream sadly…

The price (if true) might be justified by the fact that this is the first powerbank which supports fast charging for both input and output…


It is not very interesting to be honest, at least for me.

And as a few people from BBK confirmed Meizu is struggeling heavily even in the chinese market now, so there are “more important” things to look after.

Did someone buy the powerbank ? How good is it ?

Cardboard VR is kinda pointless. If they want to be in the VR Market they should do real VR sets.
ATM the HTC Vive looks best.

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