m1 note Official Firmware Flyme OS 4.5.4A(20150713173201) Leaked

Upgrading the system version to Android 5.1;

New starred contacts feature;
New number segment display;
New Contact List Permanent displays the letter navigation;
New contact list display company information;
New Contact details Show number attribution;
New Call log “Send SMS” “Save number” “Filter number” “Note Number” and other routine operations;
New Call History list shows yellow identifiable information;
New missed call notification bar displays “back”;
Added view contacts function call;
Search results can show all the numbers in the multi-number contact when new T9 search;
Increased number of new filter "delete call records’ option;
New contact details page to increase “Blacklist” and “Delete contacts” entry;
New multi-number contact number highlighted last call;
Optimization unlock hidden notification bar icon message recording;
Optimization of call recording and contact details of the default Flyme telephone call;
Optimal adjustment of the call interface background set, fit third-party themes;
Optimization of the contact name in the space reserved field;

New intelligent messaging functions;
Add “timed SMS” function;
Top features new unread messages no longer miss any piece of information;
New SMS delivery report switch;
When the new share contacts, select / network information sharing in plain text directly share;
Modify cancel SMS landscape mode;
Optimize network to send voice information while stopping other voice playback;

Weibo Contacts
Weibo contacts change as a background service, the main interface icon no longer displays the contact entry;
Added Share to Weibo support multi-map upload maximum support nine pictures, each picture maximum support 10M, support failure is automatically saved;
Added support for displaying TWITTER send microblogging progress in the notification bar;
Added support for large image preview TWITTER and you can delete the image to be transmitted;
New microblogging dynamic list of personal support and support 9 figure shows an enlarged preview;

Added two fingers kneaded into the desktop editing mode;
Modify the desktop icon layout;

Application optimization cleanup rules: turns off all the background processes since the launch of non-application of the clean-up multi-tasking;

Suspension balls
New suspension ball customization features;
Optimized suspension ball animation and default functionality;
Optimization fixed keyboard appears suspended ball pop height;

Notification bar
New Immersive status bar switch;
New Flyme theme switching, theme clips notification bar switch button to take effect without rebooting;
Modify a Unified third-party applications and systems mute shock logic;

Global Search
Added support for location-based scene search service;

Set up
Under the new set a password lock screen clear user data to verify a password lock screen;
New screen lock, document locking area, apply encryption password separately;
New “Sound and vibration” Join ringtones crescendo switch;
Added new gesture wake slide around (switch songs) switch;
Optimization “blur” switch provides third gear blur effects are available;
Modify guest mode optimization needs;

Domestic services
Add a personal center of the interface the new design;
Add new travel services interface design, adding real-time car and walk navigation features;
Added function to bind movie tickets arrived in price;
Add a personal center order management;

Security center
New power-saving mode;
New traffic Desktop widgets;
New standby power management, lock screen automatically clean up after 3 minutes in standby back-office applications;
New System flow switch;
New garbage clean-up new processes and back-office services to clean up;
New leisure traffic monitoring;
New Memory accelerate desktop shortcut, click rapidly achieve accelerated memory;
New garbage clean-timed new scan function;
New daily / weekly traffic usage charts;
New applications can be selectively cache garbage clean-up;
New traffic control management is not excessive consumption of functional application traffic;
Close the application since the launch of the new authority, immediately clean up the memory footprint of the application;
New daily traffic usage alerts;

Optimal adjustment of Home layout;
New import function watercress Red song;
New knowledge song songs, support for song and singing songs know know the song;
New player interface is sliding volume control can be triggered;
New lyrics picture sharing capabilities;
Open new song files from document folder, a folder can play all the songs in the playlist and displays;
New Dirac HD Sound support five new headphones (Etymotic ER4P, AKG Y16, AKG 420, Beyerdynamic DT235, Sennheiser MX375);
New local music interface and folder list of songs to add letters navigation;
Add songs nondestructive identification;
One can add a single new song reasons for the recommendation;
Added support synchronous subscribed channels to the cloud;
New song single song sort function;
Recently added new return;
Added folder support singles and subdirectories two search methods;
New interface lyrics are playing with a cover to cycle;
You can delete the local file is removed when the new music;
Optimization modify lyrics browse and playback mode;
Select inline cover when optimizing allows you to edit the song;
Move to optimize the timing to stop playing interface;
Merge optimization folder entry to the local music;
Optimization of individual centers redesign, do not enter more details you can click to play music;

New Tudou video resources;
New suspension player supports intelligent docking window edge;
New player record support cloud synchronization;
New video details page AutoPlay settings option;
Add “online seat selection” channel, while watching the trailer can be a key to buy a movie ticket;
New details page displays the history of prompt increase has been played videos list is grayed out and displayed in the;
Optimization of online video player can be rotated automatically switch the screen anyway with the phone;
Added “Video List” function;
New video details page supports direct switch to floating windows;
Optimization of individual centers optimize display hierarchy structure is more clear;

New metering separation function, can adjust the focus or metering point alone;
New location settings switch;
New viewfinder interface mode switching menu appears to decline;
New scan code results page (merchandise, books) mark from the Smart Snap;
New camera scan code allows users to scan two-dimensional code quickly log center;
Optimization of the size of the interactive display;
Beauty Make-up Mode optimization to increase the default value;

Modify album service switched to Ali cloud cloud album, offers unlimited storage space;
Browse new geographic classification;
New albums were local Chinese Notes;
New big picture view page view rotation gesture support;
New gallery to increase recognition of the bar code and two-dimensional picture of the code;
Add notification bar shows the progress of automatic backup;
Added support for offline viewing and editing in the cloud photo albums;
Added to enlarge the title bar shows the time + location;
Added GIF image identification, easy to find GIF image;
Optimization common APP album is checked by default display;

Application Center
New batch update is ignored, set up after the application no longer ignore the prompt that set the application updates;
New in the “Install” batch uninstall application functions;
New zero flow update, simply open the “silent install” in the settings, you can in the absence of intrusive zero flow automatically update the application;
Comments point to praise the new features, like the most is the opportunity to comment on the top entry;
You need to enter new unloading device password encrypted when applied;
New list “filter has been installed” support;

Game Center
New online games, single and reputation rankings;
New game packs entrance;
New real-time search hot words;

Optimization through headphones and loud volume buttons to adjust both 15, supports finger drag trimming;

New Web version Login scan code;
Added Taobao account binding;
New gift the draw;

Added support for the use of spot Flyme arrived;
New micro-channel pay;

New smart wallpaper feature;
Added support topic Special function;
New Online ringtone channels;
New theme installer, you can open theme format files directly within the document;
New calls, SMS ringtone configuration capabilities;
New resources management channel;
New Topic trial History Channel;
Live Wallpaper channel optimization experience;

New Browser night mode;
New download acknowledgment function;
New reading mode memory function, re-enter the reading mode exit, automatically jump to the last reading point;
New Reading mode automatically load the next page and other links on the page;
New UC search engine;
New multi-tab window animation;
Optimized video playback directly into full-screen mode;

Added hide keyboard;
New cloud Pinyin input function;
New candidate inertial sliding bar;

New featured article in collaboration with today’s headlines;
New classification polymerization subscription;
Comments can point to praise the new article, there are Top Comments simultaneously;
New users can comment spam to report;
Added support for clicking links to articles after the jump to share reading application;
Optimization comments presentation, you can see all the comments in the article below;
Optimization logic comments box when the article declined to comment zone automatically appear when the comment box;

Add notification bar shows the alarm sounds, click Display alarm bomb box support or turn off the alarm;
New lock screen alarm sounds in case the weather is not installed automatically call the system lock screen;
Optimization modify the alarm list screen, alarm control switch to the right;

Square revision, the new recommendation and columns square icon;
New meeting DND mode;
By default, the new Chinese language Monday week start date adjustment;

The weather
New wind power, wind, travel index, air humidity display;
New display weather update time, down to a certain extent after display weather update time, let go after the refresh;
Added animation temperature curve, the temperature curve gradual transition when switching the two cities;

Modify cloud dish service switched to Ali cool disk, cloud storage space 40T;
Added support for compressed file preview when available single file;
Added support for cloud disk online open function. Music support: APE, M4A, WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC, video support: MP4, WMV, MKV, PLV, RMVB;

New telephone recording file search functions;

New e-mail conversation mode;
New e-mail attachment management interface;
Added to search module Mail simplified hybrid search support;
Add reply messages with attachments, after adding a new contact, a dialog box prompts whether to add the original attachment;
New e-mail details and card plus filter options;
Topic search interface optimized remove classified switch, the default is not classified;

System Upgrade
Added support fully charged in under WLAN environment to automatically download the upgrade package;

Replace the paper’s new animation;
Download :

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m1 note

@Chris-Topher Hey, so my 4.5.3A with 20150616142632 is not this version? And OTa not work because 4.5.3A is 4.5.3A? :dancer:
I have no vibration, no toggle smartbar so this may different? Let’s try thanks

What mean the invalid power mode?

Update: Confirmed, I have vibration now, thanks a lot :) different 4.5.3.A

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Another link? This link has error 429

Hello :)

Thanks for your info. I have found this rom somewhere on net. But my problem is, that i cant use gmail. It says some error is there and it close up.
And Titanium backup will not restore, but only backup. But i need restore some apps with save data.

Dont you know how to fix this ? I was trying to make a wipe again and installed again google installer, but no change.

Many thanks for your info.

Have a nice day Q

m1 note

I moved to Outlook from Gmail app.

After clearing data in recovery and installing again all apps,. gmail is working now. But the titanium backup wont restore data.

Can m1 note U version install this firmware?

@boconngusi said:

Can m1 note U version install this firmware?

Yes you can, mine was U wen I bought it and now am on A and I have flash this rom everything is fine.:smiley:

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Apps like Sygic or Runtastic start then close.
Tried 3 times flashing and clearing data. …
This made me go back to KitKat. This build its for sure an improvment but still too young for a daily use.
Titanium backup close when you click on filter or search icon.

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@Chris-Topher what happened if I don’t get the same 755

This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

My phone is U version, and after updated, sometimes “tap on screen to unlock” function does not work

m1 note

Public beta 4.5.3 from 20150629 is out!!!

I can’t install app on Play store after installing the newest version >_<

edit: problem solved.

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